Strategy of Conducting mind map

mind-mapMind maps are primarily organizing tools. However, they are also great learning and note-taking tools. The way they are drawn helps speed up information gathering and retention. Also, mind maps can be used as teaching tools. More and more teachers are implementing them on lectures due to their effectiveness.

Did you know that there are strategies that you can use to make mind maps work better for you? Here are some things you can do to benefit from the ground-breaking note-organization method.

Share it online

The good thing about mind maps is that everyone can easily add their own information without making notes harder to read. You can take advantage of this by encouraging others to add their own data on mind maps you’ve created. If you’re doing a research on difficult topic, this will be even more useful. This has been made easier by technology. With the help of the Internet, you can share your mind maps online so others can add other stuff conveniently.

Be Creative with It

The rules for creating mind maps are not rigid. You can add pictures, illustrations, videos and music to make them more engaging to your audience. When creating a mind map, don’t get yourself caught up with making a beautiful one. Feel free to go crazy. Work on polishing it when you’re done adding all the important stuff in it.

Draw It By Hand

With the rise of technology, more and more individuals are using digital equipment to take down notes, create illustrations and other stuff. Now, this is not to say that creating mind maps your PC or tablet computer device is bad. It’s just that there are some perks to creating mind maps the traditional manner. First, you won’t have to be limited to shapes and pre-made diagrams on your device. Second, if you have good drawing skills, you can probably create better-looking mind maps on paper than on a computer. Lastly, you won’t have to worry about availability of digital devices.

Less is more

This can be true when using a mind map on a creative task. When using mind maps as an idea-creation tool, you might want put around two to three existing ideas on your map first. Crowding your mind map right away with existing ideas can leave you no room for other ideas. Besides, working with only a few ideas helps track your progress easily.

Always Work With Your Goal in Mind

Even though this is obvious, it pays to remind yourself of your goal when working on your mind map. Are you making it to learn a specific skill or are you doing it for a school research? To make sure you don’t stray too far from your goal, you can include a goal statement on the center node of your mind map.

Mind mapping is surely invaluable and should be used in a lot of industries that involve learning and teaching. Whether you are looking for a way to improve your mind mapping skills or simply want to get more out of doing it, these strategies can help you.

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